CDL Class A Pre-Trip Inspection Study Guide

"Learn how to pass the Pre-Trip Inspection Test, the first time in this word for word, easy to remember study guide"

Inside this study guide you will discover a simple, yet very effective script of what to say, and how to say it so you can remember, practice and pass your Commercial Drivers License Pre-Trip Inspection Test faster; while listing all the required items in the short amount of time you're given by the examiner. 

This book covers the tractor, the trailer, the in-cab inspection, and the air brake checks for the Pre-Trip Inspection Test.

Included inside, are the Pre-Trip Inspection Cheat Sheet's
- The Tractor, Cheat Sheets & Cutout Pages -
- The Trailer, Cheat Sheets & Cutout Pages -
- The In-Cab & Air Brakes, Cheat Sheets & Cutout Pages -
- The Pre-Trip Inspection Check List Cutout Pages -

Sorry, this guide is straight to the point, no fluff added! Just what you need, a word for word script of what to say and how to say it with confidence, like a professional!

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”This handy little book was indispensable to me in taking, and passing, my CDL test the first time. Clear, concise yet comprehensive, this small guide breaks down the essentials in what is crucial in successfully passing the pre-inspection test. Well-worth the money!” —Jeffery *Amazon Review

”Wow! This is a well put together study aid that teaches you a simple script of what to say, word for word to pass the pre-trip inspection test the first time with ease. It’s a quick read and the exercises just take a little time each day to master. This gave me the confidence I needed, just by simply following the steps laid out in this guide. I would recommend anyone seeking to pass their test, to use this must have guide before hand, it’s a life saver!"  —Sue
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CDL Class A Pre-Trip Inspection Study Guide

Pass the Pre-Trip Inspection Test, the First Time in This Word for Word, Easy To Remember Guide. If you’re taking the Pre-Trip Inspection Test, you know how stressful and difficult this experience can be and failing the test can get in the way of your career. But did you know there’s a simple way to pass the test without constant struggles?

Will you pass the Class A Pre-Trip Inspection Test? Students who used this guide have!

We are teaching you 8 simple steps, to memorize, practice and pass, your Class A Commercial Driver’s License Pre-Trip Inspection Test! You will learn 8 simple steps to pass the Class A CDL Pre-Trip Inspection test in an easy to remember way, showing you what to say so you can list everything in the time allotted. You will learn word for word, what to say for the Tractor, the Trailer, the In-Cab Inspection and the Air Brake Checks. This study guide allows you the student obtaining the Class A Commercial Driver’s License to learn, practice and demonstrate the required knowledge to pass your pre-trip inspection test. Whether your goal is to pass your test to become a professional truck driver or prepare your company drivers, this study guidebook is written to prepare and equip you to pass the CDL Class A Pre-Trip Inspection Test with confidence.

What’s inside this comprehensive study guidebook?

Table of Contents
Course Outline
Course Start
Step 1 – The Tractor Front
Step 2 – The Tractor Side
Step 3 – The Tractor Back
Step 4 – The Trailer Front
Step 5 – The Trailer Side
Step 6 – The Trailer Back
Step 7 – The In-Cab Inspection
Step 8 – The In-Cab Air Brake Checks
Appendix Overview
Appendix A – Tractor Cheat Sheet
Appendix B – Trailer Cheat Sheet
Appendix C – In-Cab Cheat Sheet
Appendix D – Pre-Trip Checklist
About Brodi
Cutout Pages Overview
Cutout Page A – Tractor Cheat Sheets
Cutout Page B – Trailer Cheat Sheets
Cutout Page C – In-Cab Cheat Sheets
Cutout Page D – Pre-Trip Checklists

"I PASSED MY CLASS A PRE-TRIP TEST ON MY FIRST ATTEMPT, WITH THIS PRICELESS BOOK! "CDL Class A Pre-Trip Inspection Study Guide" which was the most helpful guide that I found when I needed to learn what I needed to say to pass the pre-trip inspection test. This book literally teaches you word for word of what you need to say in a direct and to the point format and covers the tractor, trailer, inside the cab and most important was the in-cab air brake portion which was worth more than this book costs. Best study guide ever and priceless to anyone who has to take the cdl pre-trip inspection test!" —Mark *Barnes & Noble Review

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