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CDL Class A Pre-Trip Inspection Study Guide. Pass the Pre-Trip Inspection test, the first time in this word for word, easy to remember guide.

Will you pass the Class A Pre-Trip Inspection Test? Students who used this word for word guide have! We are teaching you 8 simple steps, to memorize, practice and pass your Class A Commercial Driver’s License Pre-Trip Inspection Test, the First Time. Have you ever wondered how you are going to list everything in the short that amount of time? Or what to say and how to say it with confidence? Or you just failed the test and are wondering if you can really pass the test? With this study guidebook, you will Learn word for word what to say, in an easy to remember way for the Tractor, the Trailer, the In-Cab Inspection and the Air Brake Checks. This study guidebook allows you to learn, practice and demonstrate the required knowledge to pass your Class A Pre-Trip Inspection Test, the first time with confidence, just like a professional.

Hello, I’m Brodi. I grew up on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, a seasonal tourist destination with many nice beaches, providing a great quality of life. When I was 16, I was fortunate to go on a family road trip across the country to California. On this trip, I had my first thought about driving one of those big trucks. As I got older, I thought that would be a great life experience, while getting to see the country and getting paid to do so. When I turned 21, I called a trucking company and was directed to a Professional CDL School, which required me to fly halfway across the country to attend the two-week training.

While at the school, I quickly noticed people ahead of my class failing the test. It was not because they weren’t given the correct information, but not having enough time to list all the required items in the short amount of time. I knew I had to do something different so I could catch my flight back home, that was already booked and paid for.

One night, I was out to dinner with a few classmates, I began to write out my own study guide to help us pass the test. The four of us studied this guide and on test day we all had passing results. For me, just a quarter of the way into my pre-trip inspection, the examiner stopped me, so he could catch up on his check sheet, as I was listing everything much quicker than he was used to. He told me I really knew my stuff and when I finished, he gave me a passing score of 99%.

After getting my Class A CDL license, I got a job with an over the road trucking company traveling all over the country. Next, I enlisted into the Army National Guard to serve our Country and worked as a Department of Defense Technician, where I had the opportunity to drive many different types of heavy equipment. While in the military, I started my family and have transitioned into being a full-time dedicated parent.

I first wrote this guide on a napkin. A few years later I put it into a short unedited four-page PDF file. I then decided it was time to better serve you and spent two years turning this into a study guidebook. I hope you enjoy this guide, which I have spent hundreds of hours fine-tuning and checking the information we have provided in it, against many different states pre-trip inspection checklists. The purpose of this word for word, easy to remember study guidebook is to help you pass the pre-trip inspection test on your first attempt.

CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Study Guide Book, Pass the pre-trip inspection test, the first time in this word for word, easy to remember guide.

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