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Are you looking to have the Pre-Trip Inspection book branded with your school name on it?

We can create a special edition with your school name on the cover and when it get's published, it'll include a discounted pricing for you, this allows you to order and pay directly from amazon and it get's printed and shipped directly to you.

Please use the contact us link below to get started. There is a one time cost of $499 to create this special edition, it requires us to customize the cover and manuscript. We then need to create a new publication, enter detailed information and get a new ISBN, upload the cover and manuscript and then send it in for review, make any requested changes, and resubmit until it's finally approved. Than we can order a review copy, and once it looks good, it'll be live for you to purchase directly. This process can take 1-3 weeks and when finished it'll be branded to your school just like the sample photo you see with the A+ Commercial Driving School Pre-Trip Inspeciton Study Guide.

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